Poor Christian Paradis

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Another scandal

Another scandal...

The scandals stick to the minister like bugs to a fly-catcher.

If it isn't the government renting office space in his father's commercial building in Thetford, it's an aide trying to lift an access to information letter out of the Royal Mail, or the ethics commissioner rapping Paradis' knuckles for giving privileged departmental access to his pal, solar panel lobbyist Rahim Jaffer, or for spending a fun weekend in lobbyist Marcel Aubut's fancy hunting lodge.

It never seems to end. And still Paradis can be found sitting cheek and jowl next to Stephen Harper in the Commons. He's the closest thing in Quebec that Harper has to a cabinet minister.


Here's the latest. Paradis' aide Richard Walker got the boot yesterday for using the office credit card to pay himself a fancy $11,415 trip to Las Vegas car tables last year.


Walker paid the money back before he went out the door this week. But Paradis can't explain why it took Walker so long to give the money back.

The best Government House Leader Peter Van Loan came up with? There may have been "a health issue."


"The taxpayers are not on the hook for a single dime," said Van Loan, famous for his lame excuses. "That is exactly how our government should act in the circumstances."

Actually, it isn't.

Since when is using government money at Caesar's Palace gaming tables acceptable, and why did it take six months to pay back the money?

Maybe Walker was in Las Vegas to help Harper pay off his$24 billion deficit.


The New Democrat MP Alexandre Boulerice calls Paradis "the conflict of interest minister." Time for Paradis to put on his pants and resign.



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